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Meeting Future Needs

Working with organisations to build sustainable individual and organisation-wide capability and capacity to meet current and future business needs.

Benchmark Your Talent

Define and measure capabilities through assessment at both individual and organisational level.

Individual Competency Assessment
Organisational Consultancy develops Competency Assessment processes that lead directly to skills-gap analysis and so to learning plans.  Competency may be based on industry standard frameworks, such as the APM Competence Framework v2 for Project Management or Skills framework for the Information Age (SFIA) for a broad range of skills, as well as bespoke technology competencies and behavioural competency measures.

Once a framework has been agreed, individuals need to have their competency assessed and validated against this standard. There are many ways this can be done: individual self-assessment, face-to-face interviews, and/or use of an online tool. At QA we can offer an industry leading online competency management tool to help facilitate the assessment of individuals.

The result of this exercise is that individuals are benchmarked against a level required for a particular role, which provides the required information for organisations to understand their current capability and capacity.

The results of the competency assessment highlights skills gaps of individuals against their required role and enables development plans to be put in place to increase overall competency. These critical skills gaps are inputs into the design of the overall development.

Organisational Skills Profiling
The purpose of building skills-profiles is to identify the skill set required in each job-role (team position), driven by management and business considerations. These drive recruitment and succession planning as well as providing clear career development choices for individuals.

In QA’s experience this is an ideal opportunity to engage 1:1 with functional team managers. Managers will be required to take future ownership of their team's skills profiles and they understand best the skills needed now and going forward, to fulfil business demands. 

To be of practical value, a skills profile needs to include all the skills required in a role:

Skill levels may be benchmarked against a published learning outcome or in line with recognised certifications, as reference level of capability, not a mandate to take an exam.

For greatest success, a role-based skills profiling engagement includes aspects of knowledge sharing and collaborative working, to maximise skills transfer:

  1. Leadership team briefings
  2. Coaching for line managers
  3. 1:1 workshops with line managers to build the role-skills profiles for their teams

Once the skills profiles are completed and validated, they are available for individual competency assessment (see above) as well as reference for recruitment, development reviews and longer term succession planning.

Organisational Maturity Assessment
Maturity is the extent to which an organisation embeds behaviours, practices and processes in order to consistently produce desired results.

A maturity model is a set of levels (typically from: ad-hoc/chaotic/awareness to optimised – or similar) that can be used to assess and benchmark the maturity of an organisation.

In Organisational Consultancy we use industry standard maturity models, for example the Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model: P3M3® - which looks across your organisation at how you deliver your projects, programmes and portfolios – to ascertain your maturity level in this discipline. All standard models are able to be tailored to incorporate any of your own specific organisational context.

Training Needs Analysis
Organisational Consultancy provides Training Needs Analysis (TNA) services, both in on-line form and via face-to-face workshops.

On-line TNA – By answering questions that align to the key learning points for a given training programme, individuals can gauge their need for that training and/or readiness
for the next step on a learning path. The TNA may use self-assessment or knowledge-based testing for a more challenging experience. Tests are available on most Microsoft Office products and may be custom built to meet specific competency requirements.

Face-to-face TNA workshops – Through just 1-2 days of round-table meetings with a Consulting Partner, development goals are identified and prioritised for whole teams or groups of staff, yet tailored for each individual. Managers can be confident that the learning will directly meet the needs of both the business and the team. With quick results that link directly to procurement benefits, this popular TNA service is effective, engaging and economic.

Partnering for Success

A range of consultancy services available to support business change, for example:  Leadership programmes, coaching/mentoring and career path development

Leadership Programmes
Aligned to ILM standards, programmes are tailored to meet specific professional needs. Programme are conducted over a number of months and include pre course work, classroom training, virtual support session and assignments.  The workshops are highly participative, using facilitated discussion, presentations, case studies and group work.

This 1:1 service is designed to guide senior executives and managers either through large-scale or complex programmes; or through a personal journey to achieve professional accreditation or membership. Engagement models are available for Director/VP/Board – Leadership level; Executive/Senior Manager level and First line manager/Individual contributor level. 

Collaboration may be through a single mentored activity in one 90-minute meeting or a series of coaching sessions may be arranged. Coaching sessions may be purchased singly, as required, or in 5-session or 7-session packages.

Career Path Development
Career development is vital to provide long-term talent retention. Having undertaken a competency assessment, mapping out an individual’s journey to professional excellence is a natural step when trying to grow their capability.

Every journey will be different, depending on the specialist field. Industry bodies often provide a framework for career progression, for example, in Project Management, Service Management or Risk Management.  Otherwise, career development is mapped through Entry-level - Practitioner - Senior practitioner - Consultant/Expert-level with stated knowledge and practical competency at each level.  Alignment is important to industry standards where these exist

Design, Develop and Deploy

Bespoke solutions built and delivered to meet business drivers.

Whilst we don’t know what we don’t know - so we can’t design a final solution until we understand fully the organisational challenges - our extensive expertise and experience has enabled us to create a set of typical solutions that can be readily deployed. Solutions may take the form of learning programmes or 1-off events, such as:

Plugging competency gaps to build capacity and capability is ultimately what is required and tailored learning programmes are a popular solution.  Solutions will be unique to each organisation and specialization. The "Living Learning Programme", described here, is an example solution model which has proved successful in Project and Programme Management but is equally applicable to other professional fields.

Living Learning Programme
Living Learning Programme (LLP): qa.com/LLP is a unique and innovative approach to embedding the right culture and behaviours at the core of project delivery to develop competent and confident project professionals and improve organisational delivery capacity and capability.

Typically run over a 12 week period, an LLP consists of the following components:

All of these components are flexible and informed by the results of any competency assessment to ensure the activities address the specific needs to the organisation. Click on the diagram to find out more about our Living Learning Programme.

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